Recycling Orem, Lindon and Heber Utah- Dunn Recycling

Recycling Utah - Dunn Recycling

Reduce Reuse and Recycle UtahDunn Recycling was established as a means to serve Orem, Lindon, Heber and Surrounding Areas with their recycling efforts. 

Our goal is to divert as much waste that would normally be sitting in ever growing landfills and divert it back to manufacturers to create new products.

We have 3 Locations to Serve You!

  • Orem Utah – Recycling Plastics, Cardboard, Metals, Paper and Construction Debris.

  • Lindon Utah – Recycling Wood, Asphalt and Concrete

  • Heber City Utah – Recycling (and buying)  Steel and Metals, Cardboard, Plastics and paper.Recycling Wood, Asphalt and Concrete.

Dunn Recycling is a 2011 Green  CompanyWe are a  full service recycling center.     Utah is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural resources of any place in the country.     Preserving it for for future generations is our focus.    Through sustainable practices and a zero waste policy, we are making a difference to Utah!  How much we reduce our waste and manage our own resources directly impacts green house and methane emissions.  Managing our trash is a very real problem in the 21st century:  The more we recycle, the more we re-use our resources, rather than starting from scratch.     Recycling is a win-win for Utah and the world.   Dunn Recycling is doing it’s best to lead the way.


What makes Dunn Recycling unique?

We are a privately owned recycle center.   We are not sustained by government money or grants to keep us in business.   Our model is based on low dump prices, and strategic placement that hopefully makes sense to a business owner who has construction debris and recyclables that need to be disposed of.   Rather than hope these materials don’t get buried in a Utah landfill to rot away, we are actively picking it out of our own transfer stations and keeping an average of 40% of those materials out of the landfill, to be used again.    Our goal is to keep 100% of it out.     We take pride and great effort in what we do for the state of Utah and our clients.    We are actively working daily to improve those numbers, and could use your help!   What you do to recycle for Utah makes the most difference of anyone.    This site is designed to show you how to help us in the fight to recycle.    If you have any questions, please… call us!    Together we will make a difference.