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Utah Cardboard Recycling

Utah Cardboard RecyclingCardboard is the single largest item of waste that comes out of homes in the world.   From businesses like supermarkets that see cardboard packaging every single day, to home owners who throw away the packaging for their kids toys and gadget boxes… cardboard is heavily recyclable.

The Secret to cardboard recycling is separating it from other materials.    Cardboard has a life:  meaning, it can be recycled only a certain number of times before it cannot be used.     Again, separating your cardboard from other recyclables is the difference in having it used again, or having it end up in the landfill.   Some companies go through so much cardboard it must be put into a compactor and baled to dispose of it.   Having it end up in the city dump, or not recycled properly is a waste to both the companies bottom line, and to the planet itself.    We can offer solutions that will maximize both.

Cardboard Recycling in Utah

If you regularly generate a large amount of cardboard, please give us a call.   We offer custom solutions from hauling it off and saving you money on your waste disposal costs, to actually paying you for the cardboard you generate and may throw away.
Dunn Recycling takes raw cardboard from our processing facilities in both our  Orem and Heber Locations.     Please email info@dunnrecycling.com or contact usfor more information with a customized plan on how to recycle your cardboard.
Cardboard at our Heber location

Cardboard that would normally be destined for the dump is diverted, processed and made ready into recyclable bales

The Very same cardboard, processed into 1200 pound bales and ready to be shipped so it can be used again.    


Recycled and baled cardboard, ready to ship

A 1200 pound bale of cardboard, that within 30-60 days will be in used again for another product.


Heber Utah Recycling

We're proud to offer the first 100% free bin and pickup service for Wasatch County Businesses and organizations