Asphalt and Concrete Recycling – Dunn Recycling Lindon

 Visit us at 1470 West 200 South in Lindon Utah

Many of the materials that have built our great state of Utah are recycled at our Lindon recycling center, to be used again

Asphalt  and concrete was once a commodity that was stripped from roads and structures and treated as a waste product.   Now,  Reclaimed asphalt pavement is a valuable recyclable resource because it can be easily reprocessed and 100% of it can be recycled.    Concrete can be crushed into aggregate of nearly any size from road base on up and used again.     The Steel from reinforced concrete is recycled as well.     What was once a costly expense for cities and their infrastructures is now a plentiful product that can be re-used again.

We are very proud of our recycling efforts at our Lindon Recycling Center.     The proud roads and structures where homes were established, business was conducted, and Utah roads were traveled will all see their way back into use.   The recycling that is all done on-site will directly benefit our own communities of which we take pride in.

Our Lindon Facility is now accepting:Dunn Recycling is a 2011 Green Company

  • Concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Clean Roofing Shingles
  • Wood
We are currently selling:
  • Crushed concrete – 4 inch minus, Road Base, and Leech Rock.
  • Asphalt
  • Clean fill material

How Utah is Recycled:  Wood Recycling

Scrap Wood that would normally end up in the landfill, is ready to be chipped and recycled

Some of the same wood, at the end of the day chipped and ready to be used again for new waferboard, landscape materials and alternate energy sources


 Concrete Recycling:

Dumped Concrete

Unprocessed concrete. Full of twisted steel and unusable, which would normally be destined for a landfill

Recycled Concrete
Some of the same concrete, hours later. The steel has been removed and recycled, and piles of crushed rock is available at our Lindon Facility for purchase.  Concrete has many uses as it can be Recycled into different sizes and used again for whatever the job may entail.   We are proud that this recycling is done on-site and will go back into building Utah infrastructure.  

Asphalt Recycling:

Utah asphalt to be recycled

Asphalt that has been driven on for years in Utah, now dumped and piled in our Lindon Facility

Recycled Asphalt

The same asphalt, ready to be used again in Utah Freeways, driveways and structural fill.