Recycling in Utah

Recycle LogoNot sure what items around your house can be recycled?   The following list should give you a good idea about what you can do to keep things out of the dump and back into use quickly.     Recycling is a TEAM effort.   We can only do what makes sense economically.   What YOU do makes all the difference in the world.   Sorting your recyclables keeps costs low and speeds up the recycling process.     The more it has to be separated or handled, the less chance it has of going into the landfill.    Simple things like rinsing out your metal food cans, separating your paper from you plastic, Having a recycle bin next to your trash bin,  all helps us keep material that is destined for the city landfill out.   That means less greenhouse gasses, and more of what you want to see done actually get done.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be perfect.   If you keep your plastics in one bin, your cardboard in another, or if they all get mixed together we’ll recycle it.  The further you take your efforts, the better recycling works.     One trip down to our Orem or Heber Utah locations and you’ll get the idea.  We are always glad to help you if you have questions.   Simple efforts make big results.

Recyclable Plastics

Plastics of All Types – Paint Buckets, Water & Shampoo Bottles, Pipe, Grocery Sacks and Plastic Sheeting

Recyclable Metals

Metals of All Types – Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Old Cars, Engines.  Metals of almost any kind.

Cardboard – of all thicknesses and grades.

Recyclable Paper

Paper of All Types – Office paper, newspaper… any kind of paper.   Don’t throw it away,  We make sure it’s recycled.

Aluminum Can Recycling

Aluminum Cans – Currently buying in Wasatch County.   Free Drop off in Utah County.

Appliances are Recyclable!

 Appliances – Don’t throw them away or go or take “free pickup and removal”   You can make sure they’re recycled.

Recyclable Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete and Asphalt – 100% recyclable at our Lindon Location.  We accept it, we process it, and make it available for sale again, to be used in Utah again.     Come visit us.

Wood Recycling

 Wood – Chipped for landscaping and other uses so it keeps being used, and not in a landfill.

 Contact us!   We are here to make sure recycling happens and make it easy for you to do.       We’re all on this planet together, a few changes for all of us make a big difference.